Mazda CX-5 years to avoid — most common issues

Ensure trouble-free ownership through the manner of expertise the Mazda CX-5 fashions to keep away from.

The redesigned version obtained even more sympathy from automobile fanatics due to its sharp and cutting-edge format.

However, earlier than you buy one, you need to be familiar with the Mazda CX-5 years to avoid so you can go with the excellent model for 12 months. That’s why our group decided to put together this guide for you as we undergo the pleasant and worst Mazda CX-five model years!

Most not unusual Mazda CX-5 issues

During generations of Mazda CX-5 manufacturing, drivers have complained approximately quite some problems with this in any other case reliable vehicle. Some of the maximum critical troubles that drivers have faced include headlight failure and engine no longer shutting off in the right manner.

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In the case of the latter issue, turning the engine off wouldn’t bring down all of the electric talents and the battery stored strolling. This often brought on the parasitic drain and a battery discharge warning the subsequent time a purpose force steps into the car.

Other issues with the CX-five consist of a windshield defroster hassle and a cracking windshield, alongside sunroof problems and other electric-powered troubles. Overall, the automobile hardly ever had any trouble stated on the engine or transmission failing, which is a great signal. Still, there were some reviews of transmission control module (TCM) software application mistakes in some fashions.

Electrical capabilities running after the engine shuts off

This might be the maximum demanding and continual problem that drivers have faced with the CX-5. It regularly came about properly after shutting the engine off and the riding force can also need to stroll far away from the automobile now not figuring out that the radio and different capabilities are still on.

It introduced approximately car beginning issues further down the road for the reason that the battery would generally drain certainly through the following time a motive force enters the car. This issue is suspected to be due to the faulty ignition device and it required the maximum servicing efforts at the 2014 CX-5 version.

Windshield issues

Another common problem that the CX-5 drivers have confronted often over time is sensitive windshield glass. There have been several reviews of the windshield glass cracking for no apparent cause and the crack growing so much that it required instant substitutes.

Another problem that drivers have confronted regarding the windshield is a defroster hassle which commonly seemed in 2016 and later model years. The visibility became extensively reduced due to this, and sometimes it has become required to exchange the defroster device to restore the right visibility.

Electrical problems

Besides the issues because of the electrical systems staying on within the automobile even after shutting the engine off, there had been a few greater electric issues. Most considerably, those protected infotainment gadget errors and dashboard light issues.

The electric issues were maximum commonplace for the second one-technology Mazda CX-5, so it’s a hassle to keep an eye out for in case you are looking for this car.

Transmission manage module software program mistakes

Finally, we are going through one of the extra excessive issues and it’s an excellent issue that it’s not that common for all the CX-five fashions – the TCM mistakes. Some software mistakes had been present that could even cause engine stalling troubles.

The TCM error has become typically related to the 2018 and 2019 Mazda CX-5, however, it

appears to be settled for the later models in the 2nd era.

Which Mazda CX-five years to keep away from?

Based on the stated troubles, there are some Mazda CX-five version years that you should avoid. It’s regular a dependable compact SUV prepared with innovative SkyActive engine generation, but electric problems and TCM errors could make all of its bypass useless.

So, to keep away from having to deal with the bothersome renovation, it’s fine if you keep away from shopping for a Mazda CX-five within the following version years:

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First-era Mazda CX-5 (2014-2016 version years)

Through the large history of Mazda, their models were recounted for their reliability and it all started in the same manner with the CX-5. Surprisingly enough, the not unusual troubles purpose pressure have encountered didn’t begin with the number one year of the version’s production.

So, preliminary problems have been said for the 2014 version 12 months and those included electrical problems like electric-powered capabilities staying on even while the engine isn’t going for walks. Another trouble is that some drivers have stated that their car turns off while using it, and this brings about huge protection concerns.

The 2015 model and 2016 fashions have additionally confronted some problems with the transmission and car going forward in a jerking motion even as desk-bound. Another common hassle is headlight failure that requires alternative lighting fixtures, so it’s satisfactory to persuade some distance from those model years.

 The biggest problem of the drivers has become the TCM errors that occasionally cause the engine to stall. This moreover caused a don’t forget with the resource of Mazda in 2019 and you should at least test if the model you were given your eyes on has been recalled and glued.

Also, those models have confronted some critics for the infotainment machine faults like radio changing stations on their personal and speak-to-show display screen machine failure. On top of that, there have been some issues with the windshield defroster, so it’s better to transport for later model years rather.

Best Mazda CX-five years

While the indexed troubles may additionally appear to be plenty to address, the CX-5 is a rather dependable automobile. You can get the maximum out of it using way of steerage a long way from the complex version years and deciding on the extra dependable ones. The first year of production and later version years of the second technology need to set you on the proper track with minimum required preservation.

Is the Mazda CX-5 genuinely worth shopping for?

When the time involves making a completely closing verdict on the reliability of this version, Mazda CX-five merits reward. While there were a few complex version years like 2014 and 2016, it’s still properly worth looking for the auto with these issues addressed in recalls and glued.

Additionally, the 2018 and later model years ended up earning a 5 out of 5 concerning NHTSA’s safety scoring. So, it’s an awesome good deal for the price, in particular, if you could find a low-mileage automobile from the later model years of the second generation.

What are the great model years of the Mazda CX-five?

The quality version years of the Mazda CX-5 are 2013, 2017, 2020, and 2021 and people don’t have so the various common issues of this version suggested with the useful resource of drivers.

What is the lifespan of a Mazda CX-five?

If you keep away from the complicated version years and provide the car regularly, the Mazda CX-five can close to 250,000 miles with the true engine factors.

What are the main troubles of the Mazda CX-5?

The fundamental issues of the Mazda CX-5 encompass a faulty ignition machine that brought on electric problems with the engine near off, TCM software program errors, and windshield issues.

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