Walk to Mordor App

Walk to Mordor App

Walk to Mordor App: Your Journey to Middle-earth Adventure

Walk to Mordor App: Have you ever imagined embarking on an epic adventure via the breathtaking landscapes of Middle-earth, similar to Frodo and Sam in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings? The “Walk to Mordor” app makes this delusion a truth by reworking your daily walks, runs, or motorcycle rides properly right into a quest to obtain Mount Doom. In this SEO-optimized article, we’ll delve into the information of this exciting app and answer some common questions about its abilities and functionalities.

What App Lets You Walk to Mordor?

The “Walk to Mordor” app, moreover known as “Walk to Mordor and Back Again,” is a health tracking app inspired using using the epic adventure in The Lord of the Rings. It maps out the course taken with the aid of manner of Frodo and Sam from the Shire to Mount Doom and, once more, permits clients to music their health sports closer to this legendary quest Available on both iOS and Android, the app integrates with your smartphone’s GPS to log the gap you’ve travelled and translate it into development alongside the journey to Mordor.

How Long Does It Take to Walk to Mordor?

The distance from the Shire to Mount Doom is set at 1,779 miles (2,865 kilometres). The time it takes to complete this adventure varies primarily based on your tempo and frequency of interest.

For example, if you walk five miles a day, it’d take approximately 356 days to reach Mordor. This lengthy-term purpose is designed to encourage regular workouts and keep motivation by breaking the journey into smaller, extra potential segments. The app offers milestones and updates to keep you influenced and engaged in the course of your journey.

Is the Walkmeter App Free?

While the “Walk to Mordor” app has unique personal capabilities, every other famous on-foot app is a Walkmeter. Walkmeter is a comprehensive GPS-primarily based complete fitness app that tracks on foot, running, biking, and other sports. The fundamental version of the Walkmeter is free and gives numerous functions, including route mapping, distance monitoring, and hobby records. However, for advanced abilities like education plans, unique documents, and personalized schooling, a pinnacle magnificence subscription is available.

What Is the Walk to Mordor Equivalent To?

The “Walk to Mordor” adventure can be broken down into various segments, every representing a significant milestone from the books. For example:

The Shire to Rivendell:

Approximately 458 miles. This can be equal to taking walks a marathon every week for about 17 weeks.

Rivendell to Lothlórien:

Around 462 miles. This section may also take every other 17-18 weeks at a comparable pace.

Lothlórien to Amon Hen:

About 389 miles. Completing this may take more or less 15 weeks.

Amon Hen to Mount Doom:

Approximately 470 miles, requiring some other 17-18 weeks.

These segments help smash down the epic journey into possible dreams, making the long-distance walk more approachable and fun.

What App Can I Use for Walking?

Several apps can decorate your walking experience using tracking your development, setting desires, and presenting motivation:

Walk to Mordor:

Ideal for lovers of The Lord of the Rings, this app gamifies your health journey.


A sturdy app for monitoring all kinds of outdoor sports with superior analytics.

Map My Walk:

Another popular app that maps your walks and offers unique stats and insights.


Great for each walkers and runners, offering social capabilities to connect with buddies and compete in disturbing conditions.


An easy, man or woman-pleasant app that tracks your steps and distance walked.

Who Runs Mordor?

In the context of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Mordor is the dark realm dominated by the usage of the Dark Lord Sauron. Located inside the southeast of Middle-earth, it is a desolate, volcanic land in which Mount Doom, the volcano in which the One Ring became solid and, in the long run, destroyed, stands. Sauron’s primary citadel, Barad-dûr, dominates the landscape, and his energy over the area is absolute till his defeat at the end of the Third Age.


The “Walk to Mordor” app provides a unique and tasty way to stay healthy by combining your love for The Lord of the Rings with your fitness dreams. Whether you’re a pro walker or starting, this app can transform your everyday routine into an epic journey. By monitoring your improvement and setting conceivable milestones, the app keeps you influenced and entertained as you journey via the wealthy lore of Middle-earth. So, lace up your walking footwear, start your adventure, and see how far you may pass on the path to Mordor!

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